Rolling Barn Doors and Sliding Walls for More Flexible Space

Rolling Door Hardware Kit Reserve Horseshoe style design with stained wood doorDo you desire to make the best use of the limited space in your apartment, then a rolling hanging door will be the best recommendation for you.

No matter how small your estate may be, you can always stretch a little more space. There is great variety of accessible rolling hardware kits, sliding barn doors that we admire and are also flexible.

Pocket sliding doors can be installed adjacent to the entry way, to give enough space to accommodate the door swing. Popular in Victorian parlors, these doors are making a comeback, depositing closets, pantries, home offices, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Rolling doors to keep pets and young children, where you need them. They are also useful for people in a wheelchair, said Barbara Green, director of the Charlotte-based Sensibly Chic Designs for Life. A wheelchair can move through doorways pocket easier than the typical frame, unencumbered by the door hinges and thresholds.

Rolling barn doors are not suitable for the modification of existing doorways. The walls are usually not wide enough, and plumbing and electrical lines often get in the way. “The wall must be built to accommodate a pocket door,” Leicester said.

Trendy barn-style doors can be used wherever sufficient adjacent wall space exists for hanging such doors, most especially when they are in the open position. The sliding barn doors – or salvaged from a junk heap are hung on barn door hardware track on the outside of the wall in order to close off an area.

Just like pocket doors, sliding barn doors require minimal space in order to open and close it. “They are great for the flow of traffic and placement of furniture,” Green said. Plus the door open and exposed hardware to make a statement – what style you chose, from rustic and funky to sleek and modern.

Rolling Door Hardware Kit has a full-line of accessories that compliment our door hardware, including knobs, pulls and floor guides.

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